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Susan & Bill Nichols
Susan & Bill Nichols

Bill and Susan live in Laurel, Mississippi (USA).

Bill J. Nichols is a musician, recording engineer and owner of Vector Station Recording. Visit his website and download his inspiring music: Jazznlight.com.

At a very early age I began crocheting and knitting, learning from my dear grandmother and mother. Since my first projects, creating lovely designs has been a joy and passion.
It is not a hobby-- it is what I do.

If you are wrapping your baby in one of my blankets, or if you are wearing one of my designs, it is my hope and prayer that you are blessed and feel my love in every stitch. --Susan

History of Our Donations

Profits at Yarns of Comfort go to the
purchase of yarn used to donate to mothers and
families in less fortunate circumstances.

In 2005, Bill and Susan began their efforts for underpriviledged families who live in upstate New York. In 2012 they shipped hand crafted comforting pillows to the Tipton's Children's Home in Tipton, Oklahoma. Starting in 2013, Susan's hats and Bill's albums were delivered to chemo patients. Continuing in 2014, Susan is creating baby afghans for the Eastern European Mission work.

Anderson Regional Medical Center in Meridian, MS:
provide caps and hats for chemo patients.

Eastern European Mission: a special Christian program helping underprivileged in both the USA and Eastern Europe, charity hospitals in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria.

Helping Hands Inc.: a non-profit organization dedicated to helping under-privileged children worldwide providing food, shelter, clothing, health care, and education to these less fortunate children.

Tipton's Children's Home: provided hand designed pillows for the children at this adoptive agency and home in Tipton, Oklahoma.

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